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Country Tracts is your source for every type of rural property throughout the Southeast. From timberland investment tracts, improved recreational tracts, to farms, ranches, and homesteads.

The Country Tracts team is made up of professionals with decades of experience in the land business. We are foresters, real estate agents, land planners, construction foremen, former timber company owners, and above all, outdoorsmen. We have the knowledge and experience in-house to help you find the perfect tract of land. Not the property we want to sell, but the one that you want to own, that best fits your needs.

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Country Tracts strives to make valuable improvements to our tracts before we put them on the market. For our buyers, this creates more opportunity for immediate enjoyment of their new land and more potential for profit in the future.

Whether you want to own a family farm, ranch, hunting property, or investment tract; no matter your land-buying goals, we are here to help you reach them.

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