Land in Jacksonville -Why your search should start here.

 Are you looking for somewhere in Florida to call your own? Look no further than Jacksonville, Florida. There are plenty of things that make Jacksonville land a unique and fun place to live, setting it apart from all rest. There is something about having an easy access to the local culture in the surrounding beaches towns, farms, and cities. It is a perfect place for the single individual, families, as well as those reaching retirement; there is something for everyone to enjoy.


When watching the weather around here, you’ll quickly realize that Florida is nicknamed the sunshine state for a reason. This lasting warm weather makes outdoor activities more enjoyable all year round; even the winter days rarely drop below 60°F and most winter nights will only dip into the 40s. During the spring and fall, you get to enjoy the nice 70° like weather, perfect for a game of golf, strolls on the beach, or time on the town.

You thought I forgot to mention the summer months? Steamy summers are made cooler with the accessibility to local beaches, lakes, rivers, and springs. There is no lack of water to find your next adventure in. As you may have heard, the land in Jacksonville is well known for its beautiful beaches. They give you the ability to swim, soak in the sun, fish, surf, jet ski; you name it. While beachcombing, you never know what you’ll find, things like driftwood, shells, and sharks’ teeth are common discoveries.

Hunting on land in Jacksonville

If you’re a seasoned hunter you’ll be happy to hear that Florida has one of the largest wildlife management area systems in the country, meaning there are plenty of places to hunt with WMAs all over the state. Within a day trip, you can drive south and enjoy Green Swamp WMA where you will find turkey, while out west at Apalachicola Forest it is known for its deer and wild hogs. There is also plenty of bird hunting opportunities nearby; including Broom Sage Preserve know for doves and the Top Quail Ranch which has dove, chukar, and duck.

Outdoor Activities

This city of Jacksonville is also known for its largest urban park system in the US, with over 80,000 acres of parkland for the avid nature lover to explore. Some parks even provide historical education and learning like Fort Caroline National Memorial and the Kingsley Plantation, which is the oldest surviving plantation in Florida. The rich local history can range from the early Native Americans, the French expedition, Spanish settlements, and early American History, making it a great place to absorb the past.

 Convenient Location

Jacksonville is in a great location as it’s far enough from the main tourist attractions but close enough to explore the surrounding state if you’re willing to make a short drive. You’ll find that Orlando is less than 3 hours away, while places like Naples and Miami are just a little over 5 hours away. For being one of the largest cities, it still keeps a small-town vibe, with friendly people sharing their life experiences.

Needless to say, Jacksonville is a great place for everyone and all walks of life. It is an amazing place to enjoy your family, meet new people, and find time for the things you love. Living here will give you the chance to live a life full of adventure. So, come on down, we would love to have you.