Land Monetization 101

Howdy Friends!  Are you busy buying land and thinking about how you can use it to make a little extra money? Or maybe you have a few extra acres and you aren’t quite sure how to use them best? One of these land monetization options might just appeal to you! Land monetization is a way to use your property to … Read More

What to Plant in your Food Plot for Simple Year-Round Management – The Country Connection

With hunting season beginning, it’s time to get boots on the ground! Food plots are all the rage when attracting bucks and does alike onto your tract. A lot of thought and planning should go into the haven and into making sure you have just what the deer crave. Not every plan will be right for your sanctuary, as there is definitely a balance of finding what works for your area and your deer population. Since a deer’s nutritional needs will change as they grow, you’ll want a smorgasbord of delectable choices to pick from. So, here is a list to utilize in creating a lasting food plot.

1031 Exchange for Land Purchases – The Country Connection

You don’t need to become an expert on the 1031 exchange to buy rural land. Although, it’s worth your while to become familiar with the subject. It is good to know when it might be a viable option for facilitating your purchase.  1031 exchange rules allow its use with nearly any real estate asset, with the exception of a primary … Read More

Selling Land in a Pandemic – The Country Connection

There’s no question that COVID-19 has been a game-changer for the rural real estate market. So what does selling land in a pandemic look like? Restriction of movement, volatile financial indicators, and possible threats to future income all could be expected to threaten sales during pandemic uncertainty.  But rates are still low, small acreage sales are up and many motivated … Read More

Land in Jacksonville -Why your search should start here.

 Are you looking for somewhere in Florida to call your own? Look no further than Jacksonville, Florida. There are plenty of things that make Jacksonville land a unique and fun place to live, setting it apart from all rest. There is something about having an easy access to the local culture in the surrounding beaches towns, farms, and cities. It … Read More

Country Tracts, Country Lifestyle – The Country Connection

It’s no secret that land ownership is a terrific financial investment. Landowners benefit from tax deductions, cash returns, and potential borrowing power. You’re able to make money from the land’s resources while enjoying gorgeous country views. When purchasing land, it is important to remember…

Do I need a Survey when buying land? – The Country Connection

Yes…and No… As someone that buys and sells large tracts of land for a living, I see both sides of the question, “Do I need a Survey when Buying Land?”, every day. Just like many things in life, the answer depends on the situation. YES: For a general rule, I have a few scenarios where I’d recommend a buyer obtains … Read More

What is Nonconventional Farming? – The Country Connection

Nonconventional Farming What does an organic label mean? As opposed to other labels such as “hormone-free”, “farm-fresh”, “Non-GMO”, and “natural”, the certified organic label means that the product you have farmed is 95% free of chemicals, hormones, pesticides, or other harmful methods. Agricultural products that are sold and labeled as organic are produced and processed in accordance with the NOP … Read More

Your Own Personal Dove Club – The Country Connection

Dove Hunting Dove hunting is the sign of the beginning. The beginning of hunting season. The beginning of fall. Beginning of an obsession. Usually, the first season to open, dove hunting is an American tradition. Finding a place to hunt, however, can be difficult. Public fields are crowded and usually face high pressure. Private fields and clubs are fantastic—you will … Read More